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ICOM Transport

Bus Transportation

Bus Transportation

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation includes:

  1. public city bus transportation
  2. regular scheduled, suburban and intercity bus transportation, including long-distance lines/routes
  3. tour transportation

Our objective in scheduled bus transportation is to provide high-quality, reliable services according to the requirements of individual municipalities and regions. Currently, we provide these services in nine regions of the Czech Republic, specifically in the  Vysočina (Highlands) RegionSouth Moravia RegionÚstí RegionLiberec Region and the Capital City of Prague.

Currently, our vehicle fleet consists primarily of Mercedes-Benz Intouro and SETRA LE 415 Business buses.

We care about our planet, so 96 % of our vehicle fleet meet the strictest and highest parameters of the Euro VI emission standards.

With an average age of 3.5 years, our vehicles ensure high travel safety, reliability and comfort for passengers.

An integral part of our fleet used for needs of public transportation by bus consists mostly of low-floor buses which form 75% of our buses. Their design facilitates easy stepping and out of the bus.  We also own buses with a special platform to facilitate easy boarding of passengers with strollers or in wheelchairs.



Public transportation in the city

 Regular suburban and intercity transportation

Long-distance transportation

Mercedes-Benz CITARO 628 Mercedes-Benz Intouro Mercedes-Benz Tourismo
Mercedes-Benz Conecto 628 SETRA LE 415 Business Mercedes-Benz Intouro (Version for long distances)
MAN Lion City IVECO Crossway LE 10,8 M SETRA LE 415 Business (for passengers in wheelchairs)
ISUZU Novo Citi Life IVECO Crossway 12M Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transfer (for small groups of passengers)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City  
Mercedes-Benz CITARO K Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Transfer  
IVECO Rošero IVECO Rošero  

For passenger transportation, ICOM transport a.s. and the companies in its group currently use exclusively Mercedes-Benz and Setra models.

Mercedes Benz TOURISMO – maximum comfort even on long journeys.

For regular scheduled transportation, the company uses the latest models of Mercedes Benz Intouro buses that meet the E6 emission standards.

For suburban and intercity transportation, the company also provides barrier-free buses SETRA LE 415 Business, that offer a high-level of travel comfort to passengers.


FROM 1 April 2022, the following discounts apply:

50 % of full regular fare to

1) passenger from 6 to 18 years of age:

  • passengers aged 6 to 15 years need not demonstrate entitlement to discounted fares
  • passengers aged 15 to 18 years (i.e., until the day before their 18th birthday) must demonstrate entitlement to discounted fares by showing:
  • an officially issued personal ID document showing their photograph or digitally processed likeness, name and surname, date of birth (citizenship card, passport)
  • a student pass containing the required particulars according to currently valid legal regulations recognized by carriers
  • an ISIC student card
  • When checking in a passenger, the carrier may also accept proof of age issued to by the carrier or by a relevant integrated transportation system, including electronic carries.

2) students aged 18 to 26 years (i.e., until the day before their 26th birthday):

  • who are attending an elementary school or are preparing for their future profession at a secondary or vocational  school conservatory, higher specialized school, university/college as day students in the CR, or are enrolled in a school program which is equal, content-wise, to studies at any of the above schools, or in an educational program that has a similar status abroad.  Entitlement is to be demonstrated with:
  • a valid student pass containing all of the above particulars according to currently valid legal regulations
    • a valid copy of the student card that can be purchased for CZK 5 and verified at the ticket counter of the bus terminal or railway station for CZK  40. Carriers mutually recognize each other´s passes.
    • Passes are invalid if:
      • the prescribed data are not filled out
      • the photograph is missing
      • it is damaged so that the data are not legible
      • used by another person
      • the period of validity has expired
      • it is not an original document
    • The carrier has the right to seize an invalid pass. If a student travels with a ticket but without a valid pass or with a valid pass but without a ticket, he is considered a passenger without a valid ticket and is obliged to pay up the full fare, including a surcharge.
      • On the printed form:
        the student fills in (statutory guardian): name , surname , date of birth and glues a recent photograph of the student sized 35 x 45 mm.
        on the front side: the school  fills in its name and address, with its stamp and signature
        on the front side of the properly filled-out form: the carrier fills in the validity date, a hologram, the station´s stamp, signature and a stick-on tag
        the filled-in printed form is confirmed by paying CZK 40 at the carrier´s ticket counter, along with showing the citizen´s personal ID card (OP)
  • valid ISIC student card

As proof of age, the carrier may also accept the traveler’s ID card issued by the relevant integrated transportation system or issued electronically.

3) passengers older than 65 years

  • demonstrate entitlement to discounted fare as follows:

    • personal ID card or passport of a citizen of the European Union or another official personal ID document containing a photograph or digitally processed likeness, name , surname  and date of birth.
    • the carrier may also accept proof of age demonstrated with a document issued by the carrier or by a relevant integrated transportation system, including electronic carriers.
75 % of full regular fare
  • the handicapped – holders of ZTP and ZTP/P cards.  Holders of a ZTP/P card are entitled to free-of-charge transportation of the accompanying person (guide). If a blind holder of a ZTP/P card is accompanied by a guide dog, not a person, the guide dog is transported free of charge.
50 % of full regular fare
  • parents or court-appointed guardians of handicapped children placed in social care facility or similar institution. Entitlement is recognized upon presentation of a document issued and confirmed by the given institution.
  • dogs (small dogs can be transported in a non-leaking animal box designated for animal transport)


Transportation of children

  • Children up to the end of 6 years of age, accompanied by a person older than 10 years, are transported free of charge
  • Children in a carriage/stroller are transported free of charge, including the carriage/stroller

The above discounts were amended from 1.4.2022 by the Ministry of Finance in  MF Decree  no. 02/2022, which amended MF Decree no. 01/2022.