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ICOM Transport

Cookie Statement

These are small data files that are necessary for some website functions, e.g., a pop-up window with a recruitment option. Thanks to cookies, the system can remember various settings, such as language, font, and other options that you, as a user, choose yourself to display.

What do we use cookies for on this website?

Cookies can be differentiated into two basic types by storage time:

  • Short-term (session cookies) – they remain in your browser until you close the browser and then they are deleted.
  • Long-term (persistent cookies) –they remain in your browser for a long time (depending on your browser and cookie settings) or until you delete them manually.

The following cookies are used on our website:

  • Technical – they are necessary for ensuring the elementary website functions, e.g., for session functions
  • YouTube –they are used for the YouTube video player.  They are placed on your computer when you activate the player.
  • Cloudflare – uses its cookies for protecting the website from bots. It is primarily set on the contact form.
  • Analytical/statistical – in order to find out what activity is taking place on the website, we use Google tag manager and Google analytics applications.

We never use cookies to identify you personally or to place sensitive or personal data in them.